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Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria


About 40Km
Elected "Village of Villages 2021" with its crystal clear waters, its suggestive caves, the fascinating landscape that surrounds it, is certainly worth a visit. Also called "the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea" and located on the "Costa degli Dei".

Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria

Capo Vaticano

About 30km
Capo Vaticano is an extensive promontory location along the 'Costa degli Dei'. It reaches a maximum height of 124 metres and is made of a special granite, the white-grey one, which has been studied worldwide for its geological peculiarities.

Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria


In the direction of Reggio Calabria about 50Km
It is the oldest village in Scilla and is called the Venice of the South. The houses of Chianalea are built directly on the rocks, separated by narrow streets that descend to the sea; seen from above, they are reminiscent of Venetian canals.

Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria


About 50Km
The City of Ice Cream Pizzo Calabro is one of the most beautiful and renowned towns in the Vibonese area, with one of the most picturesque villages on the coast, perched on the slope of a striking promontory that rises steeply above the Tyrrhenian Sea, right in the centre of the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia. Pizzo today is a modern town, a holiday resort renowned for its beaches, characterised by wide sandy shores and suggestive inlets full of rocks, for its clear sea and for its picturesque historical centre.

Heady with culture in the many archaeological sites

Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria

Museo Statale di Mileto

About 20Km
The State Museum of Miletus was established in 1997 and is housed in the Bishop's Palace, appropriately restored and adapted. The museum preserves many of the finds of ancient Miletus ranging from Roman times, to the Norman re-foundation of the 11th century, to the destructive earthquake of 1783 and the reconstruction of the city.

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Grotte di Zungri

Inland about 30 km
Sometimes called the "Little Matera", sometimes compared to the famous "Petra" (Jordan), this archaeological site is a unique rocky village in Calabria. You will be able to immerse yourself in a world of tunnels dug into the sandstone many years ago and natural springs springing from nowhere.

Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria

Museo Archeologico di Medma

In Rosarno, about 7Km
The exhibition starts with a reconstruction of the necropolis, examples of Mediean coroplastic - statuettes of various sizes and shapes, busts, large masks, cryophores (ram bearers) - vases and iron weapons found in the sacred area of Calderazzo.

Visiting the City of Reggio Calabria

Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria

Castello Aragonese

In Reggio Calabria, about 70Km
The Aragonese castle of Reggio Calabria is the main fortification of the city. It is considered, together with the Bronzes of Riace, one of the main historical symbols of the city of Reggio. Since 1956 it has housed the observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics.

Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria

Lungomare Falcomatà

At Reggio Calabria, about 70Km
Gabriele D'Annunzio called it "the most beautiful kilometre in Italy". The poet was referring to the Lungomare Falcomatà (actually about 1.7 km long), one of the most fascinating places in the historic centre of Reggio Calabria, which occupies the coastal area between the port and the Fortino a Mare.

Sweet Home BB Camere Calabria


At Reggio Calabria, about 70Km
In the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake of 1908, the idea arose to build a large permanent national museum dedicated to Magna Graecia in Reggio Calabria. The museum has 220 showcases on four levels, which tell the story of human settlement in Calabria from prehistoric times to Romanisation, according to a chronological/thematic criterion.

Wherever you look you will find unforgettable views